7) Dysart needs you.

by formerharbours


Dysart gets its own chapter. To start with, I’d like to point you to this link :


but for those who can’t link, I’ll precis it over the next bit.

Dysart is unbelievably pretty. Really, just pretty beyond belief. We’re helped with our mooring ropes by a gorgeous chap with his sons and then a fab old guy comes by to chat who inadvertently kicks off the John Wayne is Big Leggy incident (it happens here, this night) by mentioning John Wayne filmed here at some point. What immediately strikes me here is how :

1) how many people here ask what engine we’ve got in the boat. We have alot – and I mean alot, Hope really, really attracts people, especially in the smaller harbours – but usually people have asked about what she is, where we’ve come from etc.
In Dysart, this is incidental to how the boat works. Dysart – for all of its problems (see above and later) is fucking fighting to still be a working harbour, against all fucking odds, and really really needs your support.

2) how apologetic people here are. Everyone, bar none, apologises for the fact they don’t have any facilities and that if we need the toilet we have to use the Harbourmaster’s House, which has been turned into a cafe and kinda museum. We try to explain to them that we’ve been at sea for a month and are like pooing over the side of the boat by this point but the locals are having none of it. You don’t say sorry unless you feel a lack. The locals in Dysart want to give more, but are unable to at the moment. They really, really need your support.

So it turns out that everyone in Dysart is kinda suffering from PTSD. In January 2012, due to an alleged dispute between some of the boat club members, their boathouse was burned down in what the locals say was arson. Everyone, bar none, that we speak to – and people come down to the boat, people get their friends and come down in groups, to talk about engines – everyone talks about their boathouse. They couldn’t afford the insurance on it – it got too high – and their showers and facilities have been closed by the council. When the boathouse burned down, people lost sails, lost masts, lost hours and months and years of work and of potential work. Everyone we speak to mentions it, and apologises for it. They’re so sorry they can’t be of more help to us.

It’s fucking fucking heartbreaking. The Harbourmaster’s House which exists just by the harbour – which was renovated in 2006 as part of a £1 million project involving Fife Council, Fife Coast and Countryside Trust, Dysart Regeneration and the Dysart Trust, doesn’t even mention the fire. Doesn’t even have a fund box that you can donate to. It’s a really, really weird set-up and we have to leave the next morning so I can’t get the full story.

But if one of you fucking multiple yacht-owning cunts who’re potentially reading this, if one of you sold one of your fucking stupid white diesel guzzling monsters and gave the money to Dysart, they could have a boathouse and their self-respect back.

Dysart, I fucking love you and this trip is dedicated to you. Even if you did infect me with John Wayne is Big Leggy.

Dysart doesn’t even have a website, but if you’re interested, you can try and contact people at these addresses :